I am an Egyptian computer scientist, a researcher, and a technology designer. I am a researcher at the City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications, Alexandria, Egypt, and was a Visiting Researcher at Open Lab, Newcastle University, UK (March 2015 – March 2016).

I am committed to conducting interdisciplinary impact research.  I  earned her PhD  from the Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech (May 2012). I then returned to Egypt to play a role, as a citizen and a researcher, in facing the societal challenges after the January revolution 2011. As a researcher who works in a national research institute, I define my research program, in part, as to develop a robust critique for the current agenda of integrating ICT in formal education, identify research gaps, study and provide critical alternatives.

I believe that the value and means to conduct multi-disciplinary should be more emphasized in the Egyptian higher education. Therefore, I started a condensed two-weeks training workshops in my institute; a winter school to teach undergraduate students about Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research. Students are given introductory lectures where they learned basic HCI and interaction design concepts such as usability, user experience, data gathering, and prototyping. Additionally, they collaboratively work in small groups towards a main theme relevant to the national challenges (e.g., designing low-cost educational technologies, and using public-space technologies to improve the waiting experience in public hospitals).    

I believe that computer science needs more women to close the gender gap. I acknowledge the challenges women face to maintain a work-life balance, I thus provide support and mentorship my female students and colleagues. Two of my Egyptian female students published their undergraduate projects as research posters in Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference, and one of them was awarded the prestigious Grace Hopper scholarship to attend the conference 2013.    

I love travelling, learning about cultures, and linking different cultures as well. So far I experienced and enjoyed living in Egypt, US, and UK. 

Contact me: shlazem at acm dot org


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