The Hilali Network is a Newton-Mosharafa Institutional Link between he Centre for Higher Education Research and Practice, Kingston University, London, led by Dr Anne Preston.and the City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications, Alexandria, Egypt, led by Dr Shaimaa Lazem.

The Hilali Network will merge innovation in the UK’s higher education (HE) models and practices with Egypt’s current HE reform efforts to promote the preservation and protection of Egyptian Intangible Cultural Heritage (Oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, knowledge and practice about nature and the universe, and traditional craftsmanship). It will create a sustainable network of HE students and teachers, local communities and cultural heritage organisations to develop multidisciplinary understandings and applications of technology design for Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

By involving modern digital media technology, we will transfer heritage carriers into collectors reaching an unprecedented scale that goes beyond traditional collection methods. With a design that incorporates scientific curation guidelines into account, the project would allow sociologists and anthropologists the unique opportunity of studying ICH changes overtime. The project further aims at increasing awareness and respect about ICH in general and among millennials in particular to bridge the gap between their modern education and heritage and engage them with issues of concern to their communities. 

The Hilali Network logo represents project partners working hard (blue) and hand-in-hand on social impact projects (green). 


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